Sierra States University remind you of our add and drop period during this time students can add and drop their classes. Please take a note of it: Add/Drop April 5 – 16


In compliance with our foundational mission and integrity of our university and to help and maintain christian ethics and spirituality of faculty and students, Sierra States University offer chapel week in each quarter. All students are strongly encouraged to participate. Date and time of Chapel are as follows: Chapel Week April 5 – 9, @12:00pm


Sierra States University has an online campus whereby faculty and students use populi as an online platform for regular and substantive interaction. For those who are interested in our 100% online program, please check our website: and submit your application.


Sierra States University announces our upcoming Student Orientation in April  12, 2021 at 12:30pm-1:00pm. Students who are newly enrolled in our program must come and participate. Orientation topics includes but is not limited to mission, institutional goals, faith statement, list of student support services such as registration, academic advising, library service, international student service, etc. […]


As a part of duty and responsibility of faculty, Sierra States University hold faculty meeting every quarter. Faculty committees comes to gather to discuss, review and approve agenda like student learning outcomes, curriculum, academic policy, faculty workshop, new faculty orientation, accreditation, faculty development, student advising, etc. Please mark your calendar for our upcoming faculty meeting […]


As much as spiritual, academic and emotional part of student life is important, physical and social part of student life is crucially important. Therefore, after 11 weeks of quarter session, we offer two weeks of break. During this time, students are encouraged to relax and gain energy so that they can be ready for the […]

Spring 2021 Registration

Spring 2021 registration starts 03/01/2021 – 03/20/2021 and Late registration is from 03/21/2021-04/02/2021.