Career Services

Sierra States University can assist students with career exploration, resume creation and review, internship and job search strategies, interviewing skills and networking tactics, and more. If you have any questions, please contact us at anytime. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Housing Arrangements

Sierra States University is a non-residential campus and therefore does not maintain school dormitory facilities. However, Sierra States University can aid students in finding affordable housing near the campus. 

If you plan to find affordable housing near the campus, arrive a week or two before classes to allow time to look for housing. Arrange to stay at a hotel during this time. Reservations are necessary. 

Renting an apartment

If you plan to rent an apartment, most landlords (managers of rental property) require both personal visits and the signing of a lease (a type of housing contract). Students must be prepared to pay the first month’s rent and security deposit, which is often equal to a whole month’s rent. If students do not have a U.S. Social Security Number or credit history, the security deposit may be larger. Students may also need to pay deposits for utilities, such as telephone and electricity. Most apartments are not furnished, so remember to budget for furniture as well as household and kitchen items. 

Most students who commute to school or live near the campus purchase a car. However, public transportation system in the Greater City of Los Angeles is very good. Bus is available. There is taxi, uber, lyft, etc. If you buy a car, there will be additional costs such as automobile insurance.

Here is sample question to ask before renting an apartment:

How much is the rent? What is included in the rent payment? Does it include utilities, electricity? phone? Cable TV? What is the initial deposit? Will you return my security deposit when I leave? How long is the lease? Can I renew the lease at the end of the term? What is the penalty if I break the lease contract? Do you allow subleasing? Is laundry facility available? Is the place furnished? Is there an assigned parking? Do you charge additional parking fee? Do you allow pet? 

Current Los Angeles neighbor apartment rent rate is varied based on the condition of the apartment, area and list of amenities they have. Again, it can be lower or higher depending on many factors including its lease term as well.

Looking for a roommate

If you a looking for a roommate, renting an apartment may be more affordable for you. However, we do not have roommate matching service. Here are some ways to connect with other students who may also be interested in finding roommates.  Ask the leasing agent or landlord if he or she is aware of other individuals looking for a roommate. Check our bulletin board of our institution and post your message or try to find students in Facebook group and post a message. 

Here is sample apartment rental rate:

Room Rent: $700-900;  

Studio: $1,020-$1,200;  

1 bedroom: $1,300-1,500; 

2 bedrooms: $1,500-1,800

luxury apartment rent rate may be much higher.

Airport Pickup Service

If this is first time in USA as F-1 student, it is safe to arrange airport pickup as international student. If you have siblings or relative who can give you a ride, it is the best. However, it is critical for any international student entering US on F-1 visa to arrange for airport pickup because you are in a totally new country, you carry a lot of luggage, and you do not know the system to help you out. 

Sierra States University welcomes to guide you if this is your first time in USA as F-1 student. You may call us our office for airport pick up, hotel arrangement or assistance for housing arrangement two or three weeks prior to your arrival. You may contact us at and ask for the assistance. If you are arriving at Los Angeles airport such as LAX, Long Beach or Ontario, you can download the web such as Uber or Lyft and put your credit card information and request for a ride. It is safe, convenient and most effective way these days. Also, for a short-term hotel stay, we can arrange affordable hotel near the campus and help you where the closest hotels are available. But we highly recommend that you stay at a hotel only for a short period of time and find an apartment so that you can save. 

Please check or to fine hotels nearby our campus. Here is sample list of hotel names (rated at least 3 stars) that are nearby: 

Shelter Hotel Los Angeles

The LINE Hotel

Hotel Normandie

JJ Grand Hotel – Wilshire

Oxford Palace Hotel