Student Services

Sierra States University is proud to have a team of faculty, staff and administration that are committed to help our students become leaders to serve communities and the world. To accomplish this, Sierra States University endeavor to foster a learning environment in which your character can be nurtured, your life and professional skills can be developed, and where meaningful interaction and dialogue are always encouraged. We also work hard to cultivate a campus atmosphere that supports this process.

The full list of student services are stipulated in the catalog and student handbook. Please be familiar with the policies presented in the handbook. Especially, students must be familiar with student code of conduct and sign the commitment statement indicating that they have read and understood it. We are here to help you. We are excited about your time of study and fellowship at Sierra States University.

Students have access to the school and/or its instructors from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. We may offer classes at night. So, please check class schedules. In addition, our counselors, staff and faculty are available to students during the business hours. 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

The advisors provide students with assistance in all matters such as important academic, financial and personal matters and concerns to ensure satisfactory progress through the program. The school coordinator also provides assistance to international students in adjusting to the school and to the new social environment and is available to provide counseling on immigration matters.

Students have access to the Internet, computer applications, reference software, educational software, and printers during school hours. Although the school does not provide on-campus housing, the staff can arrange a room, apartment, or home stay for students desiring to live near campus or in the great area of Los Angeles.

Student Orientation

Once a student is admitted to the program, he or she will be assigned to an academic advisor who will advise the student with academic planning. New students will be given an orientation of the school, rules and regulations, and its facilities before the start of the program

During orientation, a school administrator will familiarize the student with the School facilities, services, grading policies, graduation requirements, etc. as described in this catalog. Sierra States University welcomes any suggestions as to ways in which any aspect of the school can be improved.  Suggestions should be directed to the school’s staff or dean’s office.



Registration is processed through the Registrar’s Office. Students are to register in person during the scheduled registration days. Registration forms and the schedule of class are available at the Registrar’s Office. Late Registration will be allowed through the first week of class and requires a late registration fee.

Whenever possible, the Registrar’s Office will register new students before you arrive on campus. You will receive a copy of your registration form during New Student Orientation, and you can make changes at that time.

All current students are expected to register for the next quarter on the dates designated by the Registrar; otherwise the Business Office adds a late registration fee to the student’s account.

Registration is not complete until all necessary forms (including the textbook order form) are filled out, submitted, and signed by the appropriate persons. A student who has not completed registration may not be allowed to take final exams, unless the student has notified the Registrar of his or her intent to withdraw at the end of the quarter.

Academic Advising

The Director of Admissions and Dean of Academics are available for academic counseling of the student. They are available during regular business hours for consultation with regard to academic or career planning. The scope of academic counseling includes: analyzing personal interests and goals, determining career paths, planning course loads, and developing an overall academic plan for course work and supplemental needs of the student

All students are provided with personal assistance regarding program requirements and scheduling.  In addition, individual assistance and advising are readily available to students with special academic difficulties.  Instructors and counselors are available for academic advising. Enrollees are encouraged to request an appointment with their instructor immediately if any scholastic problems arise.  All students are urged to take advantage of this valuable assistance.

By interacting with the students and academic progress, instructors will advise students to follow certain methodology, which he/she finds most suitable. Students are encouraged to seek help, or suggest any new ideas to the school.


Through the convocation, chapel, and other services, we plan to offer services as dynamic times for responding to the Holy Spirit and the truth of the Word. Passionate worship marks these strong times together. Guest speakers as well as faculty members and selected students bring messages of encouragement and challenge from God’s Word.

Student-led worship teams are responsible for planning and leading music and other creative arts during the chapel services. If you are musically talented, you may be asked to share a vocal or instrumental special during these services. Student-led media teams oversee audio and video equipment for chapel services and special events. If you are interested in serving in one of these areas and would like to receive training, contact the Dean of Students.