Free COVID-19 test Day on March 15th, 2021

Memory of A Team of Evaluators

“Memory of A Team of Evaluators”As we go through our past memories from time to time, we have come across this picture of a team of evaluators that was taken several years ago. The fact that Sierra States University came to have the current reputation all started from our accreditation process with TRACS. Every stake holder of Sierra […]

SEVIS News on 2019 Novel Coronavirus

Dear Students of Sierra States UniversityFYI, here is SEVIS update on 2019 Novel Coronavirus: Also check on CDC website as often as possible. Their website is informative and contains current update about what’s happening: Sincerely,Administrative Office Sierra States University

Faculty Employment

Sierra States University is currently seeking to hire part-time faculty in the following areas: LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse) Program Lecturer and Clinical Instructor Requirements: Must be either an RN or an LVN with a degree, or Baccalaureate Degree plus 2 years of experience within the last five years, or Associate Degree with 6 years of […]

“Ways to Maintain F-1 Status!”

“Ways to Maintain F-1 Status!” For international students, it is important to maintain F-1 student status. Here is the list of things that F-1 students must pay attention: First, when you arrive to the United States, F-1 student must enter the United States no more than 30 days before your program of study begins. And […]

The Most Affordable Online MBA Program

The Most Affordable Online MBA Program About a decade ago, online education was a choice for local students. It was an alternative program using an online tool. In faculty screening process, it is true that we set aside a faculty candidate with online education credential. However, things really got changed. At the annual regional accreditation-sponsored […]

Advising session we have for you at Sierra

As an institution of higher education, Sierra States University offers several student services that range from enrollment, registration, new student orientation, student governance, field education, and library to online distance education. However, one of the things that we put much effort and attention is to offer student advising. Topic of advising ranges from general matter […]

A sense of calling

Once upon a time, there was a young man who was an expert of the law. This man has a plethora of knowledge ranging from ancient Greek philosophy to Hebrew religion. It’s not easy to guess that this young man tried hard in his life to earn the knowledge of truth by every effort he […]

Reasons to have Sierra campus in the City of Los Angeles!

When the Board of Directors of Sierra States University was formed and has decided to establish its institution in the year 2002, they thought about the importance of its location and therefore have spent much time to study and find the best feasible place. They hired a professional and did a thorough feasibility study. After […]

Best things to do when you visit Los Angeles

I hear time to time from students, “My parents are visiting me and my family is coming to visit me for graduation, and would you tell me what we should do for few days?” Well, there are so much things to do. After all, this is Los Angeles and is known for best. Visiting museum, […]