At SSU each student is introduced to the latest theoretical and the most current practical aspects of functional areas of business administration. This combination of theory and practice prepares graduates for the job market.

Outstanding Faculty with terminal degrees
SSU’s Professors are academically qualified with terminal degrees in their teaching areas and also bring substantial professional work experience to the classrooms.

Culturally Diverse and Nurturing Environment
SSU provides a culturally diverse learning environment where students not only learn from their well-qualified professors, but also from each other.

Preparing students for local, national and global job markets
This diverse learning environment prepares SSU graduates not only for local and national job markets, but also for the global markets.

Regular and Substantial Interaction
SSU provides a nurturing learning environment where “teaching is personal.” Students are mentored by faculty and the administration of the University above and beyond the classroom instructions.

Accredited programs
SSU’s programs are accredited by national accreditation agency that is recognized by both CHEA and USDEO.

Institutional Objectives

In an attempt to achieve mission,
Sierra States University has developed following institutional objectives. At the end of the degree program, students will be able:

1. To demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the Bible and an understanding of Christian doctrine

2. To demonstrate awareness and life-long commitment to personal, vocational and academic development

3. To demonstrate attitude of service and leadership in their discipline and community

4. To demonstrate basic knowledge and skills for vocational success and to enhance skills within their current careers.

5. To demonstrate biblical and ethical standards in personal lifestyle and career.

Learning Outcomes

Sierra States University has five institutional learning outcomes that had been developed by the multiple stakeholders. These learning outcomes describe the characteristics that we hope and expect our students to exhibit by the time they finish their degree at Sierra States University.

Critical Thinking – Students will demonstrate critical thinking skills to analyze, synthesize and apply knowledge in familiar and unfamiliar situations to make informed decisions.


Problem-Solving Skills – Students will demonstrate problem-solving skills such as quantitative knowledge, computer skills and broad knowledge to solve problems and complete their tasks.


Excellent Communication – Students will demonstrate quality communication in the form of written presentation or oral skills.


Professional knowledge – Students will demonstrate professional knowledge and skills in their discipline so that they carry out their duties in their career and embody leadership in their major field.


Christian Service – Students will apply their biblical knowledge and theological perspective to balance their life and apply Christian leadership in civil life and community service.