English as a Second Language (ESL) Diploma Program


Length Approximately 3 Quarters
Total Credit Hours:   960

All three courses are required for the ESL program:

ESL Beginning 320 hours 16 weeks
ESL Intermediate 320 hours 16 weeks
ESL Advanced 320 hours 16 weeks
Total: 960 hours 48 weeks

ESL Beginning

This course provides beginning learners of English instruction in all language skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing, grammar and vocabulary.  The student will learn to: achieve comprehension in basic communicative situations; read and understand simple informative materials; write basic sentences and simple pieces of writing; comprehend basic grammatical structures in natural context; develop knowledge of basic vocabulary.

ESL Intermediate

This course provides intermediate English learners instruction in all language skills.  The student will learn to: understand and engage in conversation on everyday topics; read and understand medium-length selections; compose paragraphs and extensive pieces of writing; comprehend complex grammatical structures; develop vocabulary appropriate for academic tasks.

ESL Advanced

This course provides advanced learners of English instruction in all language skills.  The student will learn to: engage in ordinary conversation; read and comprehend academic texts; compose advanced pieces of writing; analyze grammatical structures in academic settings; develop knowledge of advanced-level vocabulary.

ESL Program Objective

The School of Languages seeks to develop individuals through the promotion of learning by students and by faculty.  The transmission of knowledge is central to preparing students with the attitudes, skills, and habits of lifelong learning and leadership skills, enabling them to be a useful member of the global society.

The School of Languages intends to judge itself by the most demanding standards to attract people of great ability from all backgrounds and provide the infrastructure to support teaching, scholarship, and service for present and future generations.

The English as Second Language (ESL) courses at Sierra States University are programmed to educate and inform students from basic to advanced English language skills.

Sierra States University’s School of Languages expands the educational efforts of the university and equips students with the knowledge, skills, and ideas for living and working successfully in an international world of rapid social and technical change.

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