01 May 2021

Important Student Notification and Announcement (dated: May 1, 2021)

Important Student Notification and Announcement (dated: May 1, 2021)

Sierra States University is committed to educating students to be leaders to serve the community and the world. As we already communicated with you several times, that during the COVID 19, Sierra States University has lost of lots of students. We no longer have new students. Even current students kept on asking for financial aids. However, we are not eligible to provide students with federal financial aids. Absence of Title 4 Federal Financial Aids, the Covid 19 Pandemic that adversely affected the world and our institution, and global economic downturn led to the loss of majority of our student enrollment. Therefore, the Board has voted to focus on local students and online education. But this decision may affect some of the international students who need to maintain their F-1 status. But the bottom line is that we will continue to offer currently available programs to all of you through online format and local students, international students may take the class at their own risk because you need to maintain your status and find a way to maintain your F-1 status as a nonimmigrant student. 

So, we are suggesting the following options: 1. You may continue to enroll in our program and finish the program as your option. We will provide our classes to anyone. 2. If you are a local citizen or green card holder or if you go back to your own country, you may continue to enroll in our program. 3. If you are an international student, your priority is to maintain your status. You may pursue a degree program through online format if you can show your proper status. You may still enroll in our program with a limited number of class registration but must maintain your I-20 through other institutions. Please contact SEVP about enrolling multiple institutions at the same time. This means, you can enroll concurrently in two or three institutions whereby you continue to study but use other school’s I-20 for maintaining your F-1 status since we may not issue I-20 anymore. 4. If you are green card holders, US citizens or you want to go back to your own country, you can continue to enroll in our program. 5. As an option, and if you want, we may guide you transfer to other peer and accredited institutions that may accept all your credit upon the discretion of their transfer policy and help you continue to finish your program. 6. We have a Dean of Academic and Front desk steps are available anytime to guide you so that you can choose the best option that is available to you. 

We are available anytime through email, phone call, or even through a zoom session. If you plan to visit in person, you ought to arrange ahead of time. Sierra States University is not closing down, but will continue to serve our students during the time of this constraint with best options that are available and benefit students who have different needs.

-Dean of Academics

cc- President, Board of Directors, Dean of Students, Registrar, PDSO