07 Jul 2020

Memory of A Team of Evaluators

“Memory of A Team of Evaluators”
As we go through our past memories from time to time, we have come across this picture of a team of evaluators that was taken several years ago. The fact that Sierra States University came to have the current reputation all started from our accreditation process with TRACS. Every stake holder of Sierra States University was deeply involved in the process of accreditation in every area to improve. The culture was created. And the system was adopted. And we have policy and procedures in every area. We kept on evaluating, analyzing, and disseminating it. It is the cycle of compliance, assessment and planning. 
Now, Sierra States University continues to make an impact in our community and we also continue to educate students who become leaders to serve the local and international communities with their learned skills and knowledge. 
We bless those who came to visit our campus and gave us valuable suggestions.  Be safe and stay healthy!