16 Mar 2020

COVID-19 Procedures

Dear Students,
In our continued efforts to protect you from any harm during this time of the Coronavirus outbreak, we are asking all
students to stay at home and avoid coming to campus.  Please observe the following protocols:
Advising Information:
Any academic or personal advising will be done through email and the Populi system. If further assistance is
needed, we will set up information and advise through Zoom.
Registration Information:
ALL class registration will be done through Populi. ALL break registration is via email only. 
Payment Information:
Payments will only be made ONLINE or via MAIL. 

  1. Checks MUST HAVE student’s full name (must match student ID) printed somewhere legible on the check.
  2. There must be a letter with the following information:
                                 Student’s full name (must match student ID)
                                 Student ID number (10 digits, include and and all zero’s)
                                 Quarter and year the payment is to be processed to
                 3. Payment MUST BE RECEIVED by the first day of the month or there will be a late fee attached to the
    If the payment is NOT received by the FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH there will be a late fee added to your account.
    Student File Information:
    Any required documentation, such as previous school transcripts or bank statements, and the like, should be
    uploaded to your student account file on Populi. If you are having trouble please contact BOTH the Admissions
    and the IT department. Please note that the originals should be mailed to the institution as well as updated in the
    Populi system. 
    We will provisionally be accepting documents scanned in PDF form via email. However, please note that
    the originals should be mailed to the institution.

At this time, all communication will be through email, Populi and via phone—not in person.
Please note that there are no in person services available at this time. This protocol will begin immediately, effective
Please let us know if there is any way we can continue to assist you at this time.  Once again, we advise staying home if at
all possible. 
Many blessings to you,
Byungrin Han, Ph.D.
Dean of Academics

Any academic or personal advising will be done through email and through the Populi system.
If further advising is needed, we may opt to use Zoom after email and Populi have been tried.
If you would like to request an appointment/advising please complete the following information.
Last Name:
First Name:
Student ID #:
Email Address:
Date: (MONTH DAY, YEAR of request EX: 03/16/2020)  
Department: (Academic/Financial/International)
Appointment: What is the appointment for?
We will submit the request to the department and they will contact you in the order that your request was made.
Thank you.