27 Jan 2020

The Most Affordable Online MBA Program

The Most Affordable Online MBA Program

About a decade ago, online education was a choice for local students. It was an alternative program using an online tool. In faculty screening process, it is true that we set aside a faculty candidate with online education credential. However, things really got changed.

At the annual regional accreditation-sponsored conference, an interesting statistic has shown an evidence. Compared to online education, 100 percent traditional format of education resulted in poor student outcomes in the area of retention, graduation and job placement rate, not to mention student satisfaction rate.  100 percent online education was resulted in much higher student outcomes. The best and highest score was the hybrid format of traditional and online program that has meaningful interaction between faculty and students in a combined format.

Online education is not a choice anymore. It is the necessity. It is convenient. It has proven evidences for effective outcomes. And, due to the ever-improving technology and availability of online learning resources, students and faculty can have regular and substantive interaction while they are away from with each other and can enjoy the benefits of high caliber education that has the level and rigor in online format.

Sierra States University has launched 100 percent online education. Starting from MBA program, we intend to expand our online program and offer all of our programs in online so that students can take the class and complete it in anywhere and anytime. We have built the system. We hired the director of distance education that is working now. We have the student service staffs and IT staff that are available to provide students with services that range from application, admission, enrollment, registration, academic advising, library service, career service, graduation, etc.

Local and international students can take the online class from Sierra States University anytime and anywhere. For those who are interested in our online program to take now and have question about the list of program or classes, or like to know more about it, please contact our online office or submit application. Please check our online website for further detail: www.online.sierrastates.edu.