14 Jan 2020

Advising session we have for you at Sierra

As an institution of higher education, Sierra States University offers several student services that range from enrollment, registration, new student orientation, student governance, field education, and library to online distance education. However, one of the things that we put much effort and attention is to offer student advising. Topic of advising ranges from general matter to specific such as dealing with settling down for study, campus life, academic matter, counseling, career development, spiritual one, etc. In the recent years, we have assigned dean of academics and each of core faculty and part-time instructors for faculty advising so that we help students to maintain their academic progress and achievement. Dean of academics are available throughout the week whereas core faculty are available at a limited time. Part-time instructors are also available before, during and after the class. Each of faculty is submitting their advising log as a part of their instructor agreement. We make every effort to provide students with excellent student support in such a way we can ensure the quality of the program. Faculty at Sierra consider that teaching is a form of ministry. As such, we want each of every students’ life is touched and loved by our faculty. At the end of the day, that’s what’s important and that’s the only reason we are in the frontline to serve the community of students.